Freedom, Fun & Friendships…what a Fantastic Life!

Loving Unconditionally, Laughing Often & Living Life to the Fullest!!!

Can you believe it…in June 2012 Hartfield’s Hikers celebrates 3 years.  Did you know that June is National Great Outdoors Month. Getting out in the Great Outdoors is so much fun and therapeutic! I get out as much as I can!

My Hartfield’s Hikers May hike was great at Hemlock Creek Falls.  This month (June) the first Saturday is National Trails Day.  As in the past few years, we partner with REI and take on a Service Project before we hike.  This year it is at Powers Island in the Chattahoochee National Recreational Area.

We joined my Atlanta African American Adventurers (A4) Meetup group for a Pioneer Camp Out at Hard Labor Creek State Park, which I must add, JB did an excellent job coordinating! What is Pioneer Camping you ask…how about, no running water, no electrical power, tents, sleeping bags, campfire and, we did have an ‘Out House’!  Sleeping in the outdoors, I felt so refreshed when I woke up the next morning. We had a great time!  JB grilled fish, chicken breast, cooked a full breakfast, oh…and we roasted marshmallows, played horseshoes and enjoyed everyone’s company.

The A4 Meetup celebrated its one-year anniversary with a membership of 500!  The group was acknowledged by MEETUP informing me that this was a major accomplishment, in that less than 10% of Meetup groups hit 500 members…WOW!

Then, I also started a new Meetup group – OPALs for my older friends (age 50+).  It reached 50 members in a week of being established, and it too was acknowledged by MEETUP as a great accomplishment.  I love this stuff!!

I planted my first ever, Organic Garden, that I am referring to as Hartfield’s Horticulture Experience.  It has grown so fast and full, to my amazement the tomato plants have gone wild, all within 30 days.  I have already picked some Arugula and Basil.

I also participated as a presenter at the Women’s Health Fair coordinated by Event Planner extraordinaire, Brenda Jackson.  The overall program was very informational, the lunch was healthy and the entire event was wonderful!  Made new friends, ran into old friends and had a ball!  I was honored that not only was I invited to be a presenter, I was asked to give the inspiration and prayer before lunch.  Thanks Brenda…it was truly an honor.

I think I just figured out how to keep my Blog current and up to date…let’s see if it works! Rather than write a long introduction in my newsletter, I will  write it here and link to in in the newsletter…why didn’t I think of that months ago…oh well…better late than never!

If you should see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!

Until next time…

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