November…A Time to be Thankful

November is the month in which I take time to reflect on the year and assess all those great life experiences for which I give thanks. I realize how great life is and the true benefits of ‘Living Life to the Fullest!!!’

In doing so, I also reflect on the lives I have touched and assess my level of giving.  As I am blessed, I bless others in whatever way I am lead at the time.  I love hearing and sharing the stories from  the men and women who join me on my outdoor adventures, and how the venture, be it their first time in the wilderness or not, changed their life, opened their mind and/or helped them move to a more healthy lifestyle.

The outings provide an atmosphere of like minded people in a friendly and fun environment, while engaging in physical activity to condition the body, conversation to connect socially, fresh air and a keen awareness of the awesomeness of Mother Nature with every breath, and a renewed spirit that relieves stress, awakens a deep inner strength and an unprecedented level of self discovery.  I know these things to be true from my personal experiences, as well as the unsolicited stores that I am told by those that join me on my ‘Wonderful Outings in the Wilderness’ (WOW!).

Recently, I joined a group of environmental conservationists on a service project to Sapelo Island, a barrier island of Georgia.  The residential population is only 45…can you even imagine that?!  Last year when we went, the population was 45.  They obviously need help.  I encourage you to read this recent article from the New York Times about the island.  You can get some basic information about the island here.

As I was browsing the Internet, I discovered L.L. Bean was celebrating 100 years of exploring the outdoors.  I also discovered that they were having a ‘Gear Giveaway.’  They pick one winner every day for the full year.  You have to submit your story and request the gear that you want.  Well…your truly decided, at the spur of the moment, to submit.  Guess what?!  I won!  I am in the L.L. Bean Winners Gallery.  Read my submission and see the gear I won…what a blessing!!!  It is gear I had just shared with a friend that I needed.  How does the saying go…watch what you ask for…you just may get it…speak it to truth!

My international college students have been with me now for more than a year, and their stay is coming to a close.  It has been a wonderful experience.  It was their first time in the America, and being away from their families.  I expect to host additional students for the new year and give them a pleasant home stay environment while attending school here in the states.

As I continue to live my motto; Love Unconditionally, Laugh Out Loud, Learn Something New Everyday, and Dance Like No One is Watching! it makes life so rewarding.

I could go on and on,,,life is soooo very good.  I will share more later. I leave you with this question, have you reflected on those things for which you are thankful, including the good deeds, and random acts of kindness you have passed forward?

Be blessed during this heart-warming season and continue to be a blessing to others…

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