Life is Good! My House in Belize

Thomas Thompson, Author

Last week I moved in to a small house just outside of Punta Gorda.  My plan is to live here until I build my first cabana on the ThomasHouse15 acres of land I just purchased along Boom Creek, right off the Moho River.  (I will post more about this later.)  During the move into my new home, a young male howler monkey was in the tree above the house looking down on me.  It was as if he was saying, ‘Welcome to your new home Thomas.’  This was another one of those magical moments for me here in Belize…Life is Good!

The house has one bedroom and one bath, just enough room for me to be comfortable.  I have a full kitchen with a stove refrigerator, for me to enjoy preparation of the home grown organic fruits and vegetables. Oh, and I almost forgot, for the standards here, I have a great luxury… a hot water shower! Here in Belize a hot shower is not something that locals give much thought about, cold showers are just fine for them. But being an American, please give me my HOT SHOWER!

Life is Good…that means it is always getting better!

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One thought on “Life is Good! My House in Belize

  1. I am soooooooo excited to come along with you on this journey! It’s almost eerie how you are living the life that my husband Frank and i planned in the early 90s – to move to Belize, open a bed-and-breakfast, and go to sleep with the sound of the howler monkeys in our ears…wowww…we changed course following a conversation with a Belizean man in a bar, and that translated into our mission to expose America’s national parks to all Americans,especially black and brown Americans who are glaringly absent from them. We wrote a book about it ( More power to you and thanks for stretching our horizons..


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