Life is Good…in Belize!

Written by Thomas Thompson…Thomas

Wow, what a month! I purchased hand built furniture from a local Mayan craftsman, took a trip by boat to Guatemala for a day, purchased a 25ft skiff (boat), started building a deck at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, plus I went to a house warming of one of the the local residents…and I thought I came to Belize for a slow pace lifestyle…but, you now what?  Life is Good, and I am truly enjoying every moment!

Well it’s Sunday and it’s raining I’m  laying in my hammock on the front porch just chilling listening to Reggae music and drinking lemon grass tea right out of the this is more like what I am suppose to be doing…LOL

Let me start with my furniture purchase I was in need of a bed and some chairs so I started asking around if there were any local craftsmen that would built me a bed and a couple of chairs. Well in less than a week  a young Mayan manstopped me on the street and told me that he was the person I was looking for.. I had no clue what he was talking about, until well in to our conversation when he ask how many chairs did I need built, than I realized he was a furniture builder. I’m slowly learning that if you need something repaired or built you just put the word on the street and the person that can provide you with that service will locate you… It’s truly amazing.

So once I got over the shock of this guy knowing who I was and what I needed I agreed to come to his village to see his work. Once at the village I started looking for a building that would maybe be the location for a furniture shop, you know the type, some lumber stacked up around the place a few samples of furniture sitting outside for sale. Much to my surprise, this was not the case. The young man met me out on the road and I followed him to a thatch roof building with canvas sides. Once inside I realized this was not a shop, but his home. In one corner was a cooking pit with a woman making what appeared to be tortillas, and something cooking in a pot over the fire, on the other side of the room some young children and a baby where laying in a hammock.

After a few moments of everyone looking at me, we began discussing the details of the building of my furniture…this is what be built for me.  The photo really doesn’t do it justice.



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