What a Life!!!

Life couldn’t be better…but I do expect that it will continue to get better!  So very much is going on…just within the last week the following exciting events happened for me:

1) On Friday, I had an interview with the Cuisine Noir magazine, out of California.  Sheree, the publisher said she found me on the Internet and liked  what I was doing, in reference to leading African American on hikes and other outdoor activities.  My story will be in an upcoming issue…will keep you posted;

2) Friday afternoon, I get a call from a producer at Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB), they too, found my on the Internet and want to shoot my hike with my OPALs groups (the original and meetup group), in celebrations of Older Americans Months in May.  That hike is scheduled for Saturday, May 11 at Red Top Mountain;

3) Saturday afternoon I was the keynote speaker for the 25th Anniversary of the Black Newcomers Network (BNN), of which I am a past president.  It was good to see members and friends I had not seen in a while.  The gist of my presentation, was how BNN literally changed my life, that resulted in all my present outdoor activities.

4) Saturday evening, I ushered at the Fabulous Fox in Atlanta, for the Mike Tyson, one man show.  He was actually very good.  I must say, much better than I expected.  Anyway, when I walked in, one of the Fox staff personnel commented on my photo in the Perimeter North Lifestyle Magazine.  I was one of the ushers featured in the magazine highlighting the Fox and it’s volunteers.  I am the in the lead photo for the story. Check it out, page 26…

5) Sunday afternoon after worship service, I was delighted to treat a few friends to tickets and great seats at the Fox Theater fort he Jillian Michaels’ (Trainer on Biggest Loser TV Show) Maximize Your Life tour. I was ushering, but it was good to have them there as my guests.

6) Tuesday evening, I was the moderator for the Family Wellness Network conference call.  It was an honor to stand in for Dr. Shirley Carmack.

7) Wednesday, I met with one of the outreach managers at REI and we had a great discussion about our partnership and how we will both strengthen it with collaborations, which have already started, but will be enhanced forthcoming.  Great!

8) Thursday evening, a very good friend Donna Satchell, who is an Achievement Speaker, Author and Passion & Purpose Expert and Coach, held a very informative seminar.  We are Mastermind partners.  I have the utmost respect for her and the growth and accomplishments I have seen her make over the years!  Well, last evening, she highlighted my story…finding my passion for the outdoors, and hiking the Grand Canyon for the upcoming 65th birthday…in her presentation.  I was most honored!

9) I have to throw this in…my Grand Canyon Birthday Adventure Tour is all set.  It feels so very good.  I am so looking forward to sharing this special birthday with this handful of friends.

10) And finally, the Belize Sailing trip is coming along really, really good!  It is such a joy to work with Thomas in planning this adventure.  Thomas is the author if the ‘Life is Good’ series (check out his posts) of this blog. We only have a few spots left and expect those to be sold soon.  Check out the information about it here.

So, for now…I am off to scout the trails for the upcoming hikes!  I encourage you to laugh often, love unconditionally, live harmoniously, and dance like no one is watching!

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3 thoughts on “What a Life!!!

  1. Al Wiseman


    This was great! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I hope to follow in your footsteps as I dedicate myself to my new nonprofit, Young Speakers, Inc. I have finally found my passion – teaching youth public speaking! Keep you posted…


  2. Congratulations, my beloved sister Carolyn! You give so generously of yourself, no wonder it all comes back to you!!


  3. Thank you Al…I really appreciate your friendship and support. I look forward to hearing more about your project, and so very glad you have discovered your passion!


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