Life Reflection Reveals I am Rejuvenated…not Retired!

DSC00652As I reflect upon the events of my life, as I approach age 65 this September, I realize that I am truly living my best life! I am fit, having fun with old and new friends, and I am free from all constraints…especially those that were self-imposed.

I went to the doctor earlier this week as a follow-up to this allergy I seemed to have developed this year.  It appears to be a food allergy… although the real cause is not yet known.  I think it is the GMO’s in the food…that’s another subject. However, I am hopeful the results of the blood tests that were taken will resolve the mystery. It was diagnosed as ‘angioedema’ of the face.  I am vegetarian…almost vegan, and of the foods I eat, 90%+ are organic.  I seem to get this inflammation in my face and neck when I eat non-organic foods. While at the waterfall with a friend, I reflected on how much better, and more energized I am feeling.  This was a beautiful afternoon, and he introduced me to a new hiking trail.  I always have restful sleep, and wake up ready to take on the activities of the day!  This was a day of spontaneity…we had a great time.

While at the doctor’s, my blood pressure was taken, it was the lowest it has ever been, that I can remember, my weight, was good, and put me in a normal area for my BMI.  The result, I got a great report, confirming for me that I am not only fit in my mind, but also fit by medical standards.  All without any drugs, medications or prescriptions of any kind, just my lifestyle and all-natural dietary supplements I take!  My lifestyle, of which I am living to the fullest, in an environment of peace, harmony, joy, and unconditional love is paying off big time for me, and those around me. I spread the love and joy!

I had a childhood friend visit me recently, and it was so nice to reminisce about our youthful days.  She reminded me of some of my ways back when we were in middle school, through high school graduation and beyond.  She remembered me definitely as a ‘girly-girl’ and was absolutely amazed with my current adventurous activities.  Listening to her describe some things I had totally forgotten about, helped me ‘connect the dots backwards’ to better understand where I am now in my life.  We even got an old boyfriend on the phone, and he stated he always liked my ‘adventurous’ spirit.  I was really surprised to hear him say that.  I never realized that I was considered adventurous back then.  It is nice to reflect when you are alone, but it is also great to reflect with an old friend who knew you when. You rediscover things about yourself.

So, after reflecting on my life, and as I approach age 65, now, whenever anyone asks me if I am retired, I tell them no, I am rejuvenated!  I therefore say, no matter your age, be rejuvenated, and rejoice in a renewed lifestyle that takes you places that maybe you have dreamed of, or may be a new discovery, that will result in brand new experiences beyond your imagination.

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One thought on “Life Reflection Reveals I am Rejuvenated…not Retired!

  1. Carolyn i am so prod of you so happy for you its great being a part of your life it is so wonderful that we are still friends and maintain the relationship we have.God will continue to bless you. you bring so much joy to so many.keep smiling and make others smile to. God will continue to bless you I will keep praying for you. .


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