Reflecting on a Sensational Year for a Seasoned Senior Savoring in the Spices of Life!

Contemplation...As I sit here on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, I am reflecting on this Sensational Year!  I have truly enjoyed this year more than any other that I can recall.  And, as a Seasoned Senior (citizen), I am Savoring in the Spices of Life!

All I can say is WOW!  What a remarkable year!  I was reminded by one of my Master Mind friends that I made the declaration at the beginning of the year that I would change my routine in 2013.  She further expressed her awe in how in doing so, I  have become the epitome of my motto… Living Life to the Fullest!!!

In one of our meetings at the beginning of the year, I announced that 2013 was also the year that I was going to give, unselfishly.  I declared, 2013 was my year to give!  After making that commitment, and sharing it with a friend, she said to  me, “When you give others what they want, you get what you want.”  Well, I didn’t fully understand that statement right away.  But, as I gave, primarily of myself, to others, I did get what I wanted…Unconditional Love, Peace of Mind, A Joyful Spirit, A Harmonious Home, and, as bonuses, I was able to travel and experience new adventures I had never dreamed of, while bonding with new and old friends!  I say all of this to say GOD IS GOOD!  I am so full of happiness, it brings tears to my eyes…tears of joy.  I have finally discovered what it feel like to have freedom!  Freedom to be who I really am!  Freedom to fully embrace and accept myself.  Freedom to accept the positive lessons learned in all situations.  Freedom to move forward blissfully, without guilt.  Freedom to pursue my life purpose without the need of approval from anyone.  Real Freedom to be FREE!!!

I also reflected back when I was in corporate America, the term KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, and I determined  how accurate that statement really is…the true pleasures of life really are simple.  And, I will close now and reflect some more on this Sensational, yet Simple life of mine, and all for which I give thanks, friends, family, plus!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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One thought on “Reflecting on a Sensational Year for a Seasoned Senior Savoring in the Spices of Life!

  1. Carl

    Carolyn, thank you for a great life lesson message. Happy Thanksgiving! Carl McNair


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