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Spring Brings New Life!

Spring is a wonderful time of year.  I am sure you have heard, as I have that we should do spring cleaning, getting rid of all the old drab winter blues.  Well, how about all the new life that spring brings, in addition to the beautiful and fragrant flowers!  This spring has given me a totally new appreciation for the season.  You know, having planted my seeds early, and to see them blossom, is absolutely phenomenal!  Let me tell you about a couple of the seeds I planted …

I was requested back in January to submit articles to a couple of magazines.  I, of course decided to do so.  I wrote the articles, submitted them, and did not hear anything else.  I was not sure they had been accepted, they would be published, or what.  I reached out a couple of times for status updates.  But, in the end, I just decided to move on.  I had submitted the articles and photos, as requested, and there was nothing else I could do.  I had done as requested.  Well, boy! was I pleasantly surprised when both articles came out in the same month, April!

Girl Friends Health Guide

Girl Friends Lifestyle magazine, Special Edition Cover

Publisher of the GFLifestyle magazine, Matthew Johnson, finally called and wanted my mailing address, he wanted to send me copies of the magazine.  He said, “I think you might like it.”  Well, several days later, when I received his package, it sat on my kitchen table for a day, primarily because I was working on my final homework assignments for my Health Coach class at Emory University that was about to end.  Well … when I finally opened the package, was I surprised.  Matthew’s statement to me was a great understatement!   A huge smile covered my face as my eyes focused on the publication that was in my hand … that was me on the cover!  I was overcome with joy!  I opened the magazine, read the story, and immediately called Matthew. I was a Cover Girl!  In our conversation, Matthew went on to tell me that this Special Edition of his magazine, was commissioned by the White House for their 2015 Conference on Aging, and he felt my photo said it all, relating to living life to the fullest, as a healthy baby boomer and an active senior citizen.

The magazine is actually published in Wisconsin.  I am sooo honored to grace the cover of this magazine!  Visit the Girl Friends web site to order your copy of this information filled publication.  It is a keeper. I am not saying this because I am on the cover, it really is a great publication!

And, as if this wasn’t enough to make my day … I received a call from my audiologist’s office and was told, with excitement, that they had seen the article about me in the magazine.  I was a bit confused.  I was trying to figure out, how they saw a copy of the magazine, and I had just received it in the mail.  Well, they were talking about a totally different magazine, and I did not know that until I went to the office the following day.  It was the North Perimeter Lifestyle Magazine, April edition.  Wow!  Spring was blossoming all over the place for me.  I saw the article for the first time when they showed me their magazine.  After I returned home, I sent the publisher an email.  He responded in a very timely manner, and I made arrangements to get several copies of the magazine.  You can go directly to my article here.

How about sharing with me what is blooming in your life this Spring!  In the event that you may be having some rain in your life, as I was having at the time these magazine articles came to light, I simply say to you, reflect on the seeds you have planted, and remember ‘April Showers bring May Flowers!”  Expect the best, and it will be yours!

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