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International Women’s Friendship Month

September is my birthday month!  I will celebrate 68 years of life on the 5th, actually, I will be celebrating all month, and as I believe, everyone deserves to celebrate at least one day for every year of life!  Wow … that means I will be celebrating for more than two months!

When I discovered September is International Women’s Friendship Month, I thought how appropriate for me to acknowledge and celebrate.  For starters, I will be in Jamaica for my birthday with a very close friend who is a native Jamaican!  It is no coincidence that we met in 2009, the same year this celebration was started. She too, will be celebrating her birthday, and I will get to see parts of Jamaica I have not seen before in my several visits prior, including meeting some of her childhood friends.  I am so looking forward to the venture!

Then, without a doubt, I must acknowledge all the friendships that have developed as a result of my hikes and other outdoor activities.  I am so grateful for the relationshGirlfriends - Arubaips, that not just include me, but those that have developed as a result on the various activities.  Personally, I have friends who are great listeners, who console with heartfelt compassion,  who encourage me, and are my loudest cheerleaders … and those girlfriends with whom I just have fun with, whatever we may do!  I love them all!

I have learned through the years that to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend.  Women friends come from diverse backgrounds and  a wide variety of connections–sister, mother, aunt, cousin, neighbor, childhood playmate, college roommate, work, professional volunteer organizations, and sometimes, just by happenstance! And, though this is Women’s Friendship month, let us not overlook the men who are our good friends also.

“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce.  If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.”                                                                                               Zig Ziglar

I encourage you to let your friends know how much you appreciate their friendship.  I do this regularly.  It is important to let them know how you feel about them. I will always share my heartfelt feelings with those I cherish … you never know what challenge life may bring and you aren’t afforded the opportunity to share your feelings.  Never put yourself in a situation where you wish you shoulda, coulda, woulda … just do it! You will be glad you did!
Also, don’t forget those random acts of kindness.  Those acts are for friends also, not just strangers.  And, don’t forget a friendly hug, for no special reason other than to express how much you care.  Be the friend you want to have … you will get it back, guaranteed!
Carolyn Hartfield, Healthy Lifestyle Coach
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