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Share the Love!

It is with great joy that I encourage you to share your love! First, you must love yourself unconditionally , then you will find easy to share your love unconditionally with others. Love yourself enough to stay focused and do things that are on track to your longterm goals.  Do these things for yourself. Your choices today and everyday for that matter, will help dictate your future health and accomplishment of your life goals.

Dream Big!  Dreams really do come true!  Do what you love.  Whatever it is, find time to just do it! If you aren’t sure exactly what that is, try different things.  Things that you never dreamed about.  You may discover your passion without even trying, as I did with my outdoor activities. You will find that being out in natures actually opens up your mind for greater clarity.  I challenge you to give it a try, if you haven’t already.  You will be amazed as to how invigorated you will feel afterward.  Take this from a city girl who do nutlike to get dirty nor sweat.  I discovered a true passion for activities in the great outdoors!  In doing so, you, as I have discovered, are guaranteed to have a life filled with more happiness, better health and harmonious living environment.

C. David Moody, of renown C. D. Moody Construction company in Atlanta states one of his most exciting projects is the construction of the new Cyclorama.  He says, during a Facebook live video of his walkthrough tour at the construction site, “Back in college in the 70’s when I was at Morehouse I used to drive down Paces Ferry and think ‘Gosh, someday I sure wish I could do a project in Buckhead.  Here it is 40 years later. Here I am.  Dreams do come true!” Never give up on your dreams.  However, you must continue to work toward them, no matter how small the task.  Love what you do, and share it with others … unconditionally!

At age 68, I will admit, it has not always been easy, but once I really started loving myself unconditionally, it is so much easier to share my love with others. Let me take a minute to share with you the definition I use for unconditional love: Unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person or persons, without any thought for what we might get for ourselves.

Since I have been open to unconditionally loving others, I have received it back 10-fold. I share my experiences and thoughts with you to hopefully help you, as others experiences have helped me, especially with this aging thing. I am so very happy now and have embraced getting/being older. I am really experiencing ‘The Joy of Aging!


This month of LOVE, with Valentine’s Day and all. I ask, ‘How about some unconditional love for yourself, and then your family, friends and others?

I encourage you to Live Your Dreams! They really can come true!  I, as C. David Moody is, a living example that dreams can come true!  Even those that you do not know await you.


FYI … There is space available for the Alaska Cruise. I was able to secure some additional cabins for our group. Not sure how long I can hold on to them. Get info here.  I mention this because a couple of people who just signed up shared with me it was a dream of theirs to cruise Alaska.  Well, I presented this opportunity for them, and they jumped right on it. I was told that is something they have wanted to do for a long time.  So, I tell you this so you can be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you.  Particularly if it is something you feel in your gut, and you know that it is on the road to your overall goal … do it!

If you want to stay in the loop and hear more about how great life is for all of us, as we age, no matter the chronological years, please visit and consider joining my online Facebook Community – #The Joy of Aging. A Facebook account is not required to join the community. BTW, ‘The Joy of Aging’ is also the title of my new book … yeah, finally, I am really going to complete it this year! It is scheduled to be published with a fantastic launch event this Spring!


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